Swimming Pool Accidents

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Swimming pool operators and owners have a duty of care towards those that use their facilities. Injuries and fatalities that result from a failure to mark shallow water, properly place and install diving boards, secure the premises after hours, or place a lifeguard on duty can be grounds for legal action. At Shea & Shea, our San Jose personal injury attorneys hold pool owners and operators financially liable for swimming pool accident injuries that occur due to their negligence.

Swimming Pool Accident

When necessary, we work with investigators, medical experts, pool builders, and others in identifying failures and negligence on the part of pool operators and property owners. Even when pools comply with codes, a diving board placed too close to unmarked shallow water or a slippery surface can cause serious injuries and hazards. We identify foreseeable dangers that were ignored in the construction or operation of a swimming pool and demand compensation for our clients.

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Helping Families after a Drowning Accident

In cases involving near drowning, brain damage and the need for ongoing, long-term care is usually involved. In order to assist our clients with financial and healthcare needs of their loved one, our attorneys can consult a California state certified specialist in helping families establish a special needs trust. A special needs trust allows parents, spouses, or relatives of a drowning victim set aside award or settlement money for the healthcare needs of their loved one. Doing so not only ensures their future medical needs will be taken care of it can also help injury victims qualify for long-term medical benefits through Medicaid.

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