Blog Posts in December, 2011

  • 2012 Brings New DUI Law into Effect

    Posted By Blog Manager || 29-Dec-2011

    California legislators are trying to remove drivers, who are repeat offenders of DUIs, off the road. Under a new law, AB 1601, which will take effect on January 1, 2012, will allow a judge to suspend a driver's license for 10 years following a third DUI conviction. Under California's current law the suspension of a driver's license can only be authorized by the Department of Motor ...
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  • Will NFL Players Get Tested for HGH?

    Posted By Blog Manager || 27-Dec-2011

    HGH is a human growth hormone that takes care of certain functionalities that are connected to vitality, energy, and resilience. HGH became a hot topic in sports after federal and state agents raided a building in Florida that had performance enhancing drugs. There have not been too many reports on the differences between HGH and steroids. Some say that HGH will not help an athlete beef up as much ...
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  • Safety recall with children's products

    Posted By Blog Manager || 23-Dec-2011

    In the most recent lawsuit against Toys R Us, it stated that Toys R Us knowingly stocked a baby product that had caused serious injuries. Bumbo is a simple molded plastic seat that is more upright than a bouncy chair, and less rigid than a high chair, which made it a hit with parents. Bumbo has sold nearly 4 million units in the United States since 2003; however, in 2007 it was recalled due to the ...
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  • Playground Accidents & Safety

    Posted By Blog Manager || 16-Dec-2011

    Playgrounds include a variety of recreational equipment such as monkey bars, tire swings, jungle gyms, see-saws, swing sets, merry-go- rounds and overhead ladders. This variety of equipment holds an unlimited potential of fun and adventure for any child with just a little but if imagination. A tire swing can transform into a pirate ship, while the top of a slide becomes the top the tallest tree on ...
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  • Cup of Noodles can pose serious burn risk

    Posted By Blog Manager || 13-Dec-2011

    Recent studies show that instant cups of soup can pose serious burn risks. Depending on the style of the container, they are susceptible to tipping over very easily. The hot liquid can burn a person's chest, hands, arms, and legs. The noodles retain heat and stick to the skin. Children are also common victims of this burn injury. A dozen burn units at hospitals were asked about this injury; 8 ...
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  • 2011 Survey Indicates Drivers' Top Fear

    Posted By Blog Manager || 8-Dec-2011

    On July 1, 2008, two laws dealing with wireless phones went into effect. The first law (VC §23123) prohibited all drivers from using handheld wireless telephones while operating a vehicle. Motorist 18 years of age or older were able to use a "hands-free" device. The Second law (VC §23124) prohibited drivers under the age of 18 from using a wireless telephone or ...
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  • Man hit by truck, killed while crossing San Jose Road--INFORMATION SOUGHT

    Posted By Blog Manager || 6-Dec-2011

    A 34-year old man was struck by a large pickup truck and killed Monday evening while crossing Monterey Highway in San Jose, police said. Officer Jose Garcia said the unidentified victim died at the scene shortly after 6:36 p.m. when police received a call about the accident just south of downtown San Jose. Garcia said the man apparently was crossing the busy thoroughfare near Old Tully Road when ...
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  • Ongoing Debate Regarding Concussions in the NFL

    Posted By Blog Manager || 1-Dec-2011

    Football has arguably become America's new favorite pastime, but it is also one of the most dangerous sports. All the rough hitting and tackling is of course what makes the game exciting, but this is also what causes severe head injuries for the players. Alan Schwarz was one of the first to write about all of the severe head injuries caused by the game we all love. He was awarded a Pulitzer ...
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