Blog Posts in July, 2011

  • Stop, Drop & Read this Post!

    Posted By Blog Manager || 28-Jul-2011

    Two homes were destroyed recently by a blazing fire in Alamo, California. Although nobody was injured, property damage totaled over $500,000. It took firefighters over an hour to contain the fire. The fire began when a nearby brush fire caused a power line to snap, creating a second fire that engulfed the houses. ( Link ) While not all fires are preventable, there are measures that you can take to ...
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  • UCSF Installing Seatbelts On Shuttles Following Fatal Crash

    Posted By Blog Manager || 26-Jul-2011

    The recent death of UCSF psychiatrist, Dr. Kevin Allen Mack, has prompted the school to start installing seatbelts on its shuttle buses. Mack died instantly when the UCSF shuttle bus he was riding ran a red light and hit a tractor-trailer truck on July 14 th. Mack was pronounced dead at the scene after he was ejected from the bus after impact. Four other riders were also injured in the accident. ...
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  • You Snooze, You Cruise, You Lose

    Posted By Blog Manager || 21-Jul-2011

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 1,500 deaths and 100,000 accidents each year are caused by tired drivers. People have equated sleepy drivers to be just as dangerous as drunk drivers because "[t]hey have trouble keeping their car between the lines. Speed will vary." The moments before the driver falls asleep are still treacherous. In fact, if you nod off ...
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  • Ryan Dunn's Death Raises Questions About Dram Shop Laws

    Posted By Blog Manager || 19-Jul-2011

    The recent death of Ryan Dunn has drawn attention to the issue of drunk driving in recent weeks. Ryan Dunn, star of MTV's Jackass, and friend Zachary Hartwell were killed June 20, 2011 when Ryan Dunn's Porsche 911 hit a guardrail, flipped into a ravine, and caught fire. Dunn is estimated to have been traveling between 132 and 140 miles per hour. Dunn and his friend were on their way home ...
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  • Re-living the Infamous Hot Coffee Case - Arguably Not a Frivolous Case

    Posted By Blog Manager || 14-Jul-2011

    A lot of people remember the "Hot Coffee" case where McDonald's got sued from an elderly lady spilling hot coffee on her legs. A recent documentary that aired on HBO last month, has brought this case into the limelight once again. People were shocked at the enormous amount of money the jury awarded to the plaintiff, but what people do not realize is how and why the jury got to this ...
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  • Stanley Cup is over, but injuries may remain

    Posted By Blog Manager || 7-Jul-2011

    The Stanley Cup has come to an end, but what is left of this NHL season besides heartbroken fans of teams other than the Boston Burins? Unfortunately what is left, are the lingering effects of injuries that these athletes have endured (and probably property damage in downtown Vancouver from the rioting after the Americans swept a victory right underneath the Canadians in their favorite pastime). ...
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