Update on Giants fan Bryan Stow

Posted By Blog Manager || 7-Oct-2011

Some may remember all the news reports of the Giants fan who was brutally beaten last March when the Giants played the Dodgers. The Stow family had some good news to report – Bryan Stow has been allowed to go outside for the first time since the attack on March 31st. He was moved to a cardiac chair and was able to go outside on a secluded patio. When asked how it felt to be outside he replied, "It's magical." Stow still has occupational therapy five times a week and can only speak a few words at a time.

The attack happened in the parking lot of the Dodgers Stadium right after the first game of the season. Stow was wearing Giants apparel and was looking for a taxi with his friends when two Dodger fans came up and brutally beat him. The attack came from behind, Stow fell forward on the concrete knocking him unconscious, but the two fans continued to beat him. Stow, the father of two and paramedic from Santa Cruz had to be put in a medically induced coma. This unfortunate attack resulted in "brain injury and dysfunction."

Read more: http://laist.com/2011/09/28/bryan_stow_goes_outside_says_its_magical.php and http://support4bryanstow.com/.

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