Argentinian Train Crash

Posted By Blog Manager || 28-Feb-2012

On Wednesday February 22, there was a terrible train crash in Argentina. At least 49 people have been killed and hundreds of people have been injured. The morning train was full of rush-hour commuters and the train crashed head-on into a barrier at a station in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The train should have stopped before it came close to the barrier, and a video of the crash even shows people waiting on the train station platform as the train passes them and the camera. The crash caused the train's second station to be pushed 6 meters into the first section. Horrifying videos show rescuers pulling windows of the twisted train open to get passengers and carry bloody passengers onto stretchers to safety.

The injury count is at 600 and family members have flooded into hospitals to locate their loved ones. This crash will be investigated as it is one of the nation's worst in decades. GPS data, security camera footage, and audio recordings from the driver's cabin can all be looked at. The train had stopped 14 times that morning prior to not stopping at this station and subsequently crashing.

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