Blog Posts in January, 2012

  • United States Supreme Court on GPS Tracking Devices

    Posted By Blog Manager || 26-Jan-2012

    On January 23, 2012 the Supreme Court rule unanimously that police must get a search warrant before using a GPS device to track criminal suspects. Justice Scalia wrote the opinion for this case which involved Washington D.C. drug kingpin, Antoine Jones. Jones was partially convicted because the police installed a GPS device and tracked his movements on public roads for 28 days. Installing a GPS ...
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    Posted By Blog Manager || 24-Jan-2012

    Reported in the New York Times on January 23, 2011 Nearly three months after the tragic death of Mathieu Lefevre, his family has finally obtained the police's investigation file. Mathieu (who was a Canadian citizen visiting Brooklyn, New York) was riding a bicycle when he was struck by a crane truck three months ago. According to the report, which was just recently released by the NYPD, the ...
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  • Italian Cruise Ship Disaster

    Posted By Blog Manager || 19-Jan-2012

    On Friday January 13, 2012, a loud bang indicated that something was going terribly wrong on the Costa Concordia Italian cruise ship. The 4,000 people on board began to panic as the ship quickly came to a halt, and then became dark. Passengers starting to feel the boat shake, as people began running and dishes were being thrown. The boat tilted to the left, an hour later an emergency was ...
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  • Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet

    Posted By Blog Manager || 12-Jan-2012

    While motorcycling is an inherently dangerous activity, and it is likely that most personal injury attorneys would advise against riding on a motorcycle, if you are insistent on biking, please pick out a safe helmet. Get one that is both Snell certified as well as DOT certified. You may also wish to consider a full face helmet instead of a half helmet or 3/4 helmet. According to the 1981 Hurt ...
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  • 7-year old girl dies at school of peanut allergy

    Posted By Blog Manager || 5-Jan-2012

    A 7-year old girl died on Monday from a suspected peanut allergy at school. First grader Ammaria Johnson broke out in hives and complained of shortness of breath at recess. Approximately 8% of children have some sort of food allergy. If a child's allergy is life threatening, it is imperative that the school is aware and is prepared. Shawn Smith, a spokesman for the Chesterfield County school ...
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