Bus Accidents & Catastrophic Injuries

Posted By Shea & Shea || 5-Sep-2018

Buses are an environmentally-friendly and frugal way to get around the city; however, not only are they a danger to passengers, but also other vehicles on the road. The truth is that bus accidents typically result in more catastrophic injuries compared to collisions involving automobiles.

Why Bus Accidents Can Result in Catastrophic Injuries

According to 2015 report by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), 11.9 percent of fatal collisions in the United States involved buses and trucks. There were 257 fatal bus accidents and 14,000 crashes that resulted in injuries that same year.

The main reason why bus passengers suffer serious injuries because there are no safety belts on buses. City bus seats, similar to school bus seats, have high backs and armrests to keep passengers in their seats in the event of a collision. On the other hand, if there is a bus accident, motorists of smaller vehicles, their passengers, and even pedestrians can suffer catastrophic injuries because of the massive size and weight of buses.

Bus Safety Tips

If you are riding the bus:

  • Remain seated at all times, unless you are holding on to a handrail
  • While the bus is in motion, do not lean against the doors
  • Stay clear from closing doors
  • Do not stick your arms and head outside the bus window
  • Have your feet stay on the floor and avoid extending your legs, arms, or personal items into the aisle

If you are around a bus:

  • Remain on the sidewalk and away from the curb until the bus makes a complete stop
  • If a bus has left its stop, do not run after or alongside it while it’s in motion
  • Make yourself visible when a bus is approaching, do not assume that the driver knows you’re there
  • Unless the bus is stopped at a traffic signal, never cross the street in front of it
  • Never cross the street between parked vehicles

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