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  • Do you Enjoy Walking/Running and Want to Support a Great Cause?

    Posted By Blog Manager || 19-Apr-2012

    Consider joining Walk MS 2012 and show your support at one of the northern California Walk MS dates. There are walks in East Bay, Eureka, Yuba City, Monterey, Santa Rosa, Walnut Creek, Folson, Modesto, San Jose, Solano County, Sacramento, and San Francisco. Look here, to learn more information about the each event. You can join a team, create your own, or even donate to the cause if you are able. ...
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  • Ways to Improve Your Memory

    Posted By Blog Manager || 20-Mar-2012

    Whether you realize it or not, there are specific steps you can take to improve your memory. Here are a few tips for keeping your brain healthy and enhancing your ability to remember: 1. Sleep and Exercise: Sleeping properly and working out regularly can improve your memory. On the other hand, skipping sleep and exercise can damage your ability to remember. Why? Physical activity encourages the ...
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  • 7-year old girl dies at school of peanut allergy

    Posted By Blog Manager || 5-Jan-2012

    A 7-year old girl died on Monday from a suspected peanut allergy at school. First grader Ammaria Johnson broke out in hives and complained of shortness of breath at recess. Approximately 8% of children have some sort of food allergy. If a child's allergy is life threatening, it is imperative that the school is aware and is prepared. Shawn Smith, a spokesman for the Chesterfield County school ...
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  • Will NFL Players Get Tested for HGH?

    Posted By Blog Manager || 27-Dec-2011

    HGH is a human growth hormone that takes care of certain functionalities that are connected to vitality, energy, and resilience. HGH became a hot topic in sports after federal and state agents raided a building in Florida that had performance enhancing drugs. There have not been too many reports on the differences between HGH and steroids. Some say that HGH will not help an athlete beef up as much ...
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  • Safety recall with children's products

    Posted By Blog Manager || 23-Dec-2011

    In the most recent lawsuit against Toys R Us, it stated that Toys R Us knowingly stocked a baby product that had caused serious injuries. Bumbo is a simple molded plastic seat that is more upright than a bouncy chair, and less rigid than a high chair, which made it a hit with parents. Bumbo has sold nearly 4 million units in the United States since 2003; however, in 2007 it was recalled due to the ...
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  • Cup of Noodles can pose serious burn risk

    Posted By Blog Manager || 13-Dec-2011

    Recent studies show that instant cups of soup can pose serious burn risks. Depending on the style of the container, they are susceptible to tipping over very easily. The hot liquid can burn a person's chest, hands, arms, and legs. The noodles retain heat and stick to the skin. Children are also common victims of this burn injury. A dozen burn units at hospitals were asked about this injury; 8 ...
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