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An 18-year-old driver involved in a major accident on Highway 25 and Wright Road in Hollister has passed away. On the day of the accident, the teen attempted to turn from Wright Road onto Highway 25. He was T-boned by another vehicle traveling southbound on Highway 25. The impact smashed in the teen’s front passenger seat. CHP found him unconscious behind the wheel. The other vehicle was driven by a 27-year old mother, who had her children with her at the time of the accident. It was said that she was unable to stop in time in order to avoid the collision.

He was flown to a trauma center and was put on life support. The doctors’ declared the teen brain dead and declared him as deceased on June 13, 2012. However, he continued to be on life support up to Friday because his organs were going to be donated.

T-bone Collisions

T-bone (side) collisions are more likely to be fatal than front or rear end accidents of similar forces because the side of the vehicle is far less protected. This type of accident is usually caused by one vehicle not yielding the right of way.



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