Have you been injured recently in an accident? Was your life placed at risk while you were on the job due to your company’s failure to follow safety procedures? Was your newborn baby harmed during birth because of a mistake the doctor made? These are just a few of the possible incidents that can happen today as a result of the negligent and wrongful acts of another person. People of all ages are being injured and killed every day because of situations like these, which is why Shea & Shea has dedicated their firm to helping those who have been victims of wrongful injuries.

Are you a victim of one of these types of incidents? Have you lost a loved on because of a personal injury? If so, you need a San Jose personal injury attorney who will fight for you! Our firm is committed to helping victims and their families fight for the financial compensation that they deserve after being wrongfully injured or killed.

If you want to learn more about our firm and what we do, consider following us on one of our social media websites. On Facebook our followers will be able to learn more about our firm’s happenings, such as case victories and client testimonials. We also frequently update when a new blog is written or a new page on our website that we believe our followers will find informative. For example, one of our recent posts discusses dog bites and the injuries that can be caused. Our firm has experience handling these types of cases, fighting for compensation when there is a serious injury, and there you can learn more about how we could help you!

On our Twitter page, you will find updates on news articles that we find to be relevant to our readers, as well as information about personal injury law and different cases. For example, there have recently been many different automobile recalls, and here we update our readers on the recall as well as tell them how we can help if there was an injury. Our Google Plus page will show similar information, and here you will also be able to find a map that will give you directions to our firm from your current location.

At Shea & Shea, we hope to use these social media sites as a means of educating our readers, past and potentially future clients, of important information. Even if some of these situations don’t apply to you today, you may find the information useful down the road with yourself or a loved one. If you or someone you know has been involved in a wrongful injury of any kind, don’t wait another moment to take legal action. Contact Shea & Shea for a San Jose personal injury attorney that will fight for you!

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