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Losing a body part is naturally traumatic, and amputations are typically life-changing injuries. Like all other catastrophic injuries suffered in California, if the negligence of another party caused them, the victim might have grounds for a legal claim. Amputations can involve the loss of a finger, arm, toe or leg, and it might limit the victim’s earning capacity as treatment causes extended periods of lost workdays; sometimes, the victim cannot return to the same occupation.

Accidents can cause partial or complete amputations. In some cases of complete amputations, doctors might be able to reattach severed body parts. However, this will only be possible if the stump and the severed body part were treated with the necessary care. Partial amputations can be caused by crushing injuries, and reattachment will depend on the severity of the tissue damage.

Additional complications of traumatic injuries like amputations include shock, bleeding and infections. In the long-term, life after an amputation will largely depend on the level of emergency and critical care the victim received at the time of the accident, and in the immediate aftermath. Retraining, along with a functional, well-fitting prosthesis can improve the rate of rehabilitation.

Regardless of whether an occupational accident, a vehicle accident, a malfunctioning power tool or another incident caused an amputation injury, if it involved another party’s negligence, financial relief might be possible. A personal injury attorney with experience in helping victims of catastrophic injuries to recover damages can explain the legal options under applicable California laws. A successfully presented civil lawsuit might result in a monetary judgment to cover documented losses.

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