California recently changed Worker’s Compensation laws, but this could have a negative impact on those who are injured on the job and are unable to work due to -permanent workplace injuries. According to PR Web, Senate Bill 863 declares that there will be significant changes to California’s Workers’ Compensation system in the next few years. The bill will reform the system by changing how benefits are calculated for workers. Now, insurance companies will look at whether or not the victim suffered temporary or permanent damage.

Also, California will limit coverage for those who develop mental health problems or conditions like insomnia. Previously, these conditions were often covered in the worker’s compensation laws, but now they may be eliminated in order to save money. One California personal injury attorney says that he is concerned that the new laws will cheat those who are permanently disabled out of obtaining the money that they need. Many lawyers are gearing up to fight hard for these benefits in court. One San Jose Mercury article says that the new changes could have unforeseen consequences. There may be more litigation and strategy attributed to these cases as a result of the new law.

With the new worker’s compensation laws making things more complicated, it is essential that you hire an accomplished personal injury lawyer whenever you need to seek compensation for a workplace injury. Your injury or condition may not be covered under the new law, so you will have to fight valiantly to show that you need to money to cover medical costs and lost wages. With an attorney from Shea & Shea you will be well equipped for fight for the damages you deserve. Contact someone at our firm today for more information about suing your company for the worker’s compensation that you rightfully deserve. You should never embark on one of these legal journeys alone. Contact an attorney at Shea & Shea today!

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