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Dangerous BMW Recall: Possible Passenger Ejection

There have been a high amount of automobile recalls in the recent months due to malfunctions that could place the very lives of the people in danger. According to Motor Trend a specific model from their 2005-2007 cars have been called in, the BMW 7 series. This make of car is known to have special software programed in it that allows the car doors to softly close, rather than slam shut. This technology is helpful for families with children especially, making them less able to get hurt by a fast slamming door.

9 Big Rigs Involved in Highway Crash

Near Santa Clarita, California, nine big rigs were involved in a recent accident on the truck route near the Newhall Pass. According to the local ABC station, the crash happened on the southbound 5 Freeway at the 14 bound Freeway connector. About nine big rigs were involved in the catastrophe, which was made up of two separate crashes near each other. The beginning of the calamity occurred when a dump truck lost control and crashed, causing four big rigs to rear end each other behind the swerving vehicle. As a result of the four massive vehicles crashing through the pass, another three big rigs got into a crash of their own, starting a chain reaction as more and more trucks came up upon the scene of the accident too quickly and collided.

Are California Worker's Getting the Compensation they Need?

California recently changed Worker's Compensation laws, but this could have a negative impact on those who are injured on the job and are unable to work due to -permanent workplace injuries. According to PR Web, Senate Bill 863 declares that there will be significant changes to California's Workers' Compensation system in the next few years. The bill will reform the system by changing how benefits are calculated for workers. Now, insurance companies will look at whether or not the victim suffered temporary or permanent damage.

Time sensitive issues if you have been in an accident

If you have been in an automobile accident, you may know that they can be unnerving experiences. You might not always be thinking clearly in the immediate aftermath. (Presumably you are more concerned with the well-being of those involved in the incident rather than legal considerations.) However, there are several things you may wish to keep in mind that are time sensitive if you or a family member or friend unfortunately find themselves in a serious accident.

Pediatric Spinal Surgery Uses Products Not Approved for Children

When you send your child in for surgery, you want to rest assured that all the products have been tested and approved for use and that the doctors know exactly what they are doing. That is why it is so concerning when a report announces that doctors have been going against protocol. According to Yahoo News nearly one in ten U.S. children who undergo spinal fusion surgery is injected with a bioengineered bone-growth protein that is supposed to help heal them.

Smoked Salmon Blamed for Salmonella

Hundreds of people in the Netherlands and the United States have been sickened by salmonella, and the illness is being linked to some salmon that was shipped to both countries. Since the incidents erupted, the company that sold the salmon has issued a recall. The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment was able to confirm that the salmon came from a Dutch company called Foppen that provides fish to Dutch supermarkets and chains in the United States. The institute said that about 200 people have reported sickness in the Netherlands. More than 100 people have complained of similar symptoms after eating the fish in the United States.

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