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Have you been injured recently in an accident? Was your life placed at risk while you were on the job due to your company's failure to follow safety procedures? Was your newborn baby harmed during birth because of a mistake the doctor made? These are just a few of the possible incidents that can happen today as a result of the negligent and wrongful acts of another person. People of all ages are being injured and killed every day because of situations like these, which is why Shea & Shea has dedicated their firm to helping those who have been victims of wrongful injuries.

Propane Powered Refrigerators

There are many locations in the United States where refrigerators are power with Liquid Propane Gas (LPG). The benefits of such an appliance are apparent in locations where electrical power is frequently interrupted. However, the dangers of such a product is that, by design, the refrigerator produces Carbon Monoxide (CO) which is an insidious poison that is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. In lower concentrations, CO can cause headache, dizziness and fatigue. In higher concentrations CO is fatal.

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When you are injured in the state of California, you need representation from the best. That's why a lawyer at Shea & Shea is right for you. At Shea & Shea the California personal injury attorneys have been defending victims in the San Jose area since 1966. They are dedicated to helping in any personal injury case, but have been named specialists in the areas of brain and spinal cord damage from car accidents. The lawyers at this firm also do an excellent job at representing surviving families who have been bereft of a loved one because of a tragic accident. Because the Shea & Shea law firm has focused in on some of the most complicated personal injury cases, they have achieved a status that is respected by other personal injury attorneys and court rooms alike.

Chinese Teacher Beats Student: Results in Severe Brain Damage

Tragedy struck in China, when a preschool teacher lost her temper while punishing a child. According to the Huffington Post this teacher threw a 4 year old preschool student to the floor, kicking her and then continued the cycle. As a result child was knocked unconscious, and taken immediately to the hospital. Fortunately the surveillance cameras at the school caught the teacher on film, and the police were able to locate who is responsible. The young girl was rushed to the hospital for treatment and the doctor knew right away how bad the damage was. Prior to the procedure he told the parents he wouldn't be able to promise that he would be able to bring her out alive from the surgery.

Dog Bites Are A Lot More Dangerous Than We Realize

Dogs truly can be man's best friend. Whether it is always having someone excited when you walk in the door, or it is your kids biggest play buddy, dogs can be a lot of fun in the family home. Many times, we grow so accustomed to our family dogs, we let them jump all over us and sometimes even lick us. Particularly for children, growing so fond of their own family pet can often lead to them acting that way towards strangers dogs, who may not be as desiring of the extra attention.

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