The dangers of tire blow outs

Unfortunately, many Californian drivers do not understand the true risks that a blown-out tire can present. Understanding what to do in the aftermath of a tire blow-out can potentially help a driver avoid a future crash.

First, FindLaw examines some of the potential sources of weakness in a tire. Manufacturing errors can and do lead to tire blow-outs. They may result in zipper failures, bead failures, and tread separation.

A zipper failure occurs when the sidewall of a tire catastrophically fails and tears. Bead failures are essentially pressure failures, meaning the structure bursts because it simply cannot support the weight of the vehicle. Tread separation is a byproduct of steel-belted radial tire technology. Rubber does not adhere well to steel, and poorly-made tires can separate in motion.

Meanwhile, I Drive Safely takes a look at the way drivers should handle a tire blow out, which can potentially help mitigate some damage. They suggest not slamming on the brake or immediately trying to steer off the road. Rather, they suggest that the driver regains control of the steering wheel, maintains speed, and continues driving forward. Only after regaining control of the wheel should the car be guided to the side of the road.

Unfortunately, a tire blow out can cause panic in both the driver and in drivers of the vehicles around them. Cars tend to swerve or brake suddenly when faced with the initial blow-out or the possible shrapnel that might head their way. This can lead to an increase in crashes, which may in turn require an attorney to properly handle the situation.

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