The role of the blood-brain barrier in traumatic brain injury

Motor vehicle accidents happen every day in San Jose, but serious injury is not always the result. In some cases, parties may believe the crash was so mild that there is no need to exchange information or visit a hospital.

However, a day or two later, you may find that your head is pounding and it seems to worsen with each passing hour. Is this related to the accident or the stress surrounding it? A traumatic brain injury may occur even in a mild accident, and the signs may not manifest immediately. One of the dangers of a brain injury is the disruption in the function of the blood-brain barrier. Discover the ways this integral part of the central nervous system can contribute to a TBI.

Primary injury to the head

In the above instance, the force of the accident may not have felt severe, but it may still have significant effects on the body. The head does not have to make contact with the steering wheel, window or another part of the car to suffer a TBI. The forces applied to the body during the crash may cause the brain to slide inside the skull, striking it. This is the primary injury to the head.

Effects on the blood-brain barrier

There is a special protective measure inside the head that keeps the central nervous system protected against bloodborne invaders. The blood-brain barrier is a unique system of vessels that restrict what flows into the brain. It allows only vital nutrients to enter while barricading harmful toxins and substances. A TBI can damage the vessels that make up the blood-brain barrier.

Scientists are learning that even a minor injury can inflict enough damage to this area to compromise its effectiveness in shielding the brain from harmful invaders. Therefore, risks of infection increase in the wake of an injury, which can quickly turn serious without proper intervention.

 Your safest bet after an accident is visiting your doctor to get a full checkup. Even if it seems silly, it may wind up saving your life.

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