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First established in 2003 and acting as the official publication of the North American Brain Injury Society, Brain Injury Professional (BIP) has since become a go-to source for all things brain injury related. Medical doctors, legal professionals, special educators, and many more people all around the country turn to BIP for the latest updates and news about brain injury care, legislation, and so forth. As a staple of the publication, leading and influential individuals and companies are interviewed and featured in informational articles every publishing cycle.

Brain Injury Professional (Volume 14, Issue 3) was published recently, and it features Attorney Michael M. Shea, Jr. of Shea & Shea – A Professional Law Corporation. The article – titled “The Value of Educators and Brain Injury Education Specialists in a Pediatric Legal Case” – gives a thorough look at how uniquely-qualified experts can secure a victory for a plaintiff in a child brain injury case. Educators who work directly with children growing up with a brain injury know firsthand the difficulties that child must attempt to overcome and the obstacles that will be in front of them for the rest of their lives. Through their input and testimonies, it can be better proven that a larger, maximized compensation amount is necessary to take care of the child now and into adulthood.

The article provided some insight and advice to personal injury attorneys who might find themselves handling their first traumatic brain injury (TBI) case. There are many issues a TBI plaintiff may encounter that are dissimilar to any other injury type. Attorneys must be aware of these factors and know how to use them to build the validity of their client’s case.

From all of us at Shea & Shea – A Professional Law Corporation, we would like to thank Brain Injury Professional for giving Attorney Michael M. Shea, Jr. the chance to work on this article and for featuring it in their publication. Appreciation must also be shown for Brenda Eagan Brown, Med, CBIS, Sharon Grandinette, MS, Ed, CBIST and guest editor, and Casey R. Johnson, JD for their support for this article as well.

If you would like to read the article for yourself, you can click here to open a PDF file of Brain Injury Professional (Volume 14, Issue 3). The article featuring Attorney Shea, Jr. begins on page 20, and the guest editor gives special mention to the article on page 9. If you require the assistance of a highly-experienced and reputable San Jose brain injury attorney for a claim of your own, please do not hesitate to call 408.883.3863 or fill out an online contact sheet to schedule a free consultation with our team.

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