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Tragedy struck in China, when a preschool teacher lost her temper while punishing a child. According to the Huffington Post this teacher threw a 4 year old preschool student to the floor, kicking her and then continued the cycle. As a result child was knocked unconscious, and taken immediately to the hospital. Fortunately the surveillance cameras at the school caught the teacher on film, and the police were able to locate who is responsible. The young girl was rushed to the hospital for treatment and the doctor knew right away how bad the damage was. Prior to the procedure he told the parents he wouldn’t be able to promise that he would be able to bring her out alive from the surgery.

Thankfully, the young girl did survive the surgery though they weren’t able to completely fix all of the damage. Reports claim that she is severely brain damaged as a result of the abuse, and no longer has the ability to walk or speak anymore. Police report that originally the teacher attempted to deny that she did anything, though it is likely the evidence found on camera had a role in her fighting the charges. Sadly, reports state that Chinese’s schools are experiencing too many of these sort of instances, another child was placed in detention for merely having hard time in her math class with a few questions.

While we are fortunate here in the United States to have more rights when it comes to situations like this, it doesn’t mean that people will stop doing these terrible acts. No child deserves to ever have this happen to them, let alone a family to hear that their baby’s teacher has permanently damaged the rest of their child’s life. If you or someone you know has been a victim of some sort of abuse, contact Shea & Shea today for a personal injury attorney who can help you fight for what you deserve!

Catastrophic injuries such as brain damage are sometimes injuries that can never be undone, and can lead to a family having to pay expensive medical bills for the rest of their child’s life. Brain damage to a child could not only mean more medical bills, but constant oversight as long as she lives. While most families will do whatever they can for their children, it is still a large burden to bear, especially in a lower income household, or one with a lot of other children. By fighting for a personal injury lawsuit, it would give you and your family the chance to make the trial a little bit easier. Unfortunately, most brain damage instances like this can never be undone, but compensation can be fought for. Call our offices today to discuss your case; we want to walk with you through this hard time!

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