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In late February, passengers who were traveling on a Carnival Splendor cruise were robbed by hooded gunman. The 22 passengers left the ship in port city of Puerto Vallarta to go on a nature hike in the jungle. All the passengers took a bus to the hike and the robbers intercepted this bus right as it reached the pueblo of Nogalito, which is a spot known for having a spectacular jungle with waterfalls and tropical wildlife. The gunmen came onto the bus at around 5:00pm and took passengers’ money and valuable items such as watches, camera, and other jewelry. After leaving the bus, the men fled to the hillside. Luckily, none of the passengers were hurt and they all made it back safely to the cruise ship.

Local authorities blamed the tour operator for not following recommended security procedures and for not conducting these tours in the morning. The mayor of Puerto Vallarta also said a security guard or police officer should accompany the tours. This particular cruise ship left the Port of Long Beach on February 19th, and returned the following Sunday morning. Carnival has stopped the guided nature trail tour where the robbery occurred and has worked with guests to reimburse for the lost valuable items and with lost identification.

Read more: https://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/02/hooded-gunmen-robbed-carnival-splendor-cruise-guests-on-bus-in-mexico.html

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