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There have been a high amount of automobile recalls in the recent months due to malfunctions that could place the very lives of the people in danger. According to Motor Trend a specific model from their 2005-2007 cars have been called in, the BMW 7 series. This make of car is known to have special software programed in it that allows the car doors to softly close, rather than slam shut. This technology is helpful for families with children especially, making them less able to get hurt by a fast slamming door.

The soft close automatic door and the comfort access options are showing to have malfunctions when a person closes their car door. Reports have said that it appears as though the car has closed fully without actually latching in. While this may not concern some people, the case here is that if the car door does no fully latch in, there is a possibility of the driver or passengers to be ejected from the vehicle when in motion or an accident.

Reports state that the car company plans to begin their software upgrades in November of this year, and will notify all users about the changes as well as possible dangers. BMW claims that there are around 7,485 cars that are affected by this recall and upgrade. Unlatched car doors pose an extreme threat to any and all persons within the vehicle. Sadly, there are many people who don’t use their seatbelts and in the event of an accident, if the door isn’t latched and a person isn’t wearing their buckle, the chance of being thrown from the car greatly increases.

While BMW has caught this technical error before any injuries have been reported, it is not to say that it still can’t pose as a dangerous threat to the safety of BMW users. Today we rely so heavily on our cars for transportation, and whether that means commuting to work or dropping off the kids at school, the moment we sit in our vehicle we are trusting that it will keep us safe. Sadly, even the slightest technical error in a car may cost someone their life.

With that, any individual who has had their safety placed at risk, or has been involved in an accident because of a product malfunction, has the right to pursue legal action. As users we buy cars based off the assumption that they will offer the performance and safety that was guaranteed at the lot, and when that doesn’t happen drivers deserve compensation. If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident or has been otherwise injured due to a defective auto part contact Shea & Shea, a professional law corporation today for the personal injury attorney that you deserve! We have years of experience helping clients and we want to help you, call us today for more information.

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