Passenger vans are often used to transport vineyard or field workers to and from different locations. The vans are often older and some may even lack seat belts for the passengers. Rural roads are often only two lanes; one in each direction. Major accidents are usually the result of head on collisions or one driver losing control on the narrow road and being unable to recover. Death and catastrophic injury are the frequent result either due to a lack of seat belts (or other passenger restraint devices) or due to roof crush in the vehicle which happens when the van flips over. When the roof deforms, windows can break and passengers are ejected during the roll. These crashes can also occur due to an employer who fails to properly service the van’s brakes, tires or general mechanical condition.

Another crash occurred today in California’s Sonoma County killing one person and injuring three. The passenger who was ejected was pronounced dead at the scene.

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