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For anyone with a baby, a high chair is a necessity when it comes to dinnertime. Unknown to many families, however, is the fact that high chairs can pose substantial safety risks to children. In particular, high chairs that fail to meet ASTM International safety standards can result in serious or deadly injury to tots that like to squirm.

Consumer Reports, an organization that tests product safety, recently identified one high chair that lacks key ASTM safety features. According to its report, the Dream on Me Bistro high chair does not have a “passive crotch restraint,” a fixed post that sits between a child’s legs to prevent him from sliding out of the seat and being strangled. In addition, openings in the chair are large enough that little arms, legs, and fingers can slip through and sustain serious injury. As a result of these safety hazards, Consumer Reports has advised parents to stop using the Dream on Me Bistro chair immediately.

If you are worried about the safety of your child’s high chair, you can search product recalls and file an unsafe product report at the following website: http://www.saferproducts.gov/.


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