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Brain damage is one of the most common concerns when someone suffers a concussion, and while brain injury is perhaps the most thought of consequence from a blow to the head, a concussion can cause lasting harm to a person in other ways, such as negatively impacting a person’s ability to hear. This kind of damage can be temporary or permanent, and can drastically impact your quality of life in San Jose, California.

Everyday Hearing explains that hearing damage from a concussion can take different forms. A head blow can injure the ear or the pathways that transmit auditory stimuli to the brain. Bones inside the middle ear may take damage or become dislocated. A concussion can also rupture an eardrum. The membranes or the tissues that make up the inner ear might be damaged. Additionally, the cochlear nerve could suffer ischemia.

Some period after a concussion, an injury victim might start to experience a number of problems with hearing. Some victims cannot separate and identify noises that make up background noise, or they may not be able to track the location of sounds. Alternatively, a person may find outside noise sounds much louder than it should, otherwise known as hyperacusis.

Other problems may arise from your balance. Damage to the ear can make it harder to maintain a proper balance and coordinate your walking. Some injury victims also experience vertigo and dizziness. Nausea is also possible. Some people experience a ringing in the ears, which is known as tinnitus. Other hearing maladies may take the form of sensorineural or conductive loss of hearing.

If you have experienced a concussion, pay attention to any differences you experience in your hearing, since they may result from your injury. Knowing that your hearing problems come from your concussion is important if you seek compensation from the party that caused your injury. But since head injuries take many forms, do not consider this article to be legal advice. Read it for your educational benefit.

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