Summer is here, ushering in a slew of outdoor activities like barbecues, camping, and fireworks. Of course, what Independence Day would feel complete without the bright and fiery sparkle of fireworks dancing in the sky? Unfortunately, every year, at least 10,000 individuals get hurt or burned from fireworks, half of which are often children under the age of 14. To prevent this from happening to you or your children, take some important precautions to keep your summer celebrations safe and free from fire-related accidents.


  1. Keep your children away from fireworks and from the grill. A good rule of thumb for grilling is to declare a 3-foot safe zone around the grill.
  2. Before you use your grill, examine it and ensure that all of its parts, including its gas tank, are in good condition. If there are any leaks, cracks or breaks, it is time to either replace those parts or to get a new grill.
  3. Barbecue grills must be used outside and kept at least 10 feet away from all structures, such as buildings, deck railings, and overhanging branches.
  4. Under no circumstances should you ever leave the grill unattended while it is in use.
  5. Wear appropriate garb while operating the grill. Your sleeves should be short or tight-fitting, and if it is a particularly windy day, it might also be a good idea to get a flame-resistant apron.
  6. Use barbecue utensils that have long handles create more distance between you and the fire.
  7. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby for emergency use.
  8. When it comes to fireworks, opt for professional firework displays instead of attempting to do it yourself. Without fail, the weeks leading up to the Fourth of July are full of injuries caused by fireworks and sparklers, sending hundreds of people a day to the emergency room. Instead of risking an injury, look for a local professional show and leave your worries behind.
  9. Always maintain at least 500 feet of distance between you and firework displays. Fireworks can get as hot as 1,200°F, which can cause severe burns, fires, and death.
  10. Only build campfires in designated fire pits and always supervise children when they are around or near the campfire.
  11. Summer also means there were be plenty of sun, so always make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen about 30 minutes before enjoying the day outdoors, even if it seems cloudy, to avoid sunburns. Remember to reapply every 1 to 2 hours after swimming or sweating.

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