Jet skis are popular during the summer because of the relative ease of transporting them to the nearest lake, river, or ocean. However, some people can get caught up in the fun and forget to operate these speedy vehicles safely.

Jet skis can be extremely dangerous in the hands of negligent, inexperienced, and/or intoxicated drivers. Jet skis and other personal water crafts (PWC) are becoming increasingly popular, which is evident by the rising number of injuries. Within ten years, the number of PWC injuries quadrupled.

These PWCs are far more dangerous than boats and can endanger the driver, passengers, and people nearby. Jet skis make up a mere 6.5 percent of boating vessels owned in the United States; however, they are involved in 55.6 percent of boat collisions and 32.8 percent of overall accidents. Some common injuries include amputations, broken bones, burns, carbon monoxide poisoning, disfigurement, drowning, death, head injuries; hypothermia and soft tissue damage.

To minimize danger, be aware of your surroundings, do not operate a jet ski after drinking and using drugs, keep engine off while near swimmers and always wear a life jacket.

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