Currently in New Brunswick, the cap on pain and suffering for minor injuries is capped at $2,500. However, a group appointed by the government is recommending this be increased to between $4,000 and $6,000. The current cap was set initially to stem insurance premium increases. People opposed to this current cap, argue that it is too low and that many injures, that are not “minor,” are being labeled as such. The chairman of this government appointed review group, Michel Leger, said one of the most important changes to this is the definition of what counts as a minor injury. He said “[m] inor personal injury should be a sprain, strain or whiplash-associated disorder or a combination thereof, which results in minor consequences in a person’s life.”

More numbers need to be ran, and research conducted before the government adopts any change, any nothing will be altered until probably early next year. “The Insurance Board of Canada says the average auto insurance premium in New Brunswick in March 2003 was $1,239. It says the average premium in July was $812, a drop of 34.5 per cent. Bill Adams, Atlantic vice-president of the Insurance Bureau of Canada, said he believes the cap can be raised without affecting rates, but he believes it’s important not to go too far.”

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