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Peg Perego is recalling hundreds of thousands of strollers because children can become trapped and strangle between the trays on them. The company stated that entrapment and strangulation can take place when the child is not harnessed into the stroller. If unharnessed, the child can pass through the opening between the tray and the seat bottom; which can cause the child’s neck and head to become trapped by the tray.

The company is recalling approximately 223,000 strollers made between January 2004 and September 2007. These strollers include the Venezia and Pliko -P3 strollers. The recall is only for the strollers with a child tray and one cup holder. In 2004, a six-month old boy from Tarzana, California died of strangulation in a stroller and in 2006, a seven-month old girl from New York nearly strangled.


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