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A federal report released Wednesday disclosed disturbing information regarding PG&E and the San Bruno fire. An electrical failure at a PG&E facility in Milpitas caused pressure to surge in pipes, just moments before the explosion.

The preliminary report by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) also disclosed that it took 34 minutes for PG&E to dispatch a crew to shut off the pipeline after it ruptured, and more than 5 hours to shut off gas to the burning homes.

This has angered representatives in the community. Assemblyman Jerry Hill, who represents San Bruno stated he was troubled that it took PG&E 34 minutes to dispatch a crew to shut off the gas line and that “the emergency response that PG&E has in place is inadequate.” PG&E declined to comment on the delay in shutting off gas.

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Shea & Shea has successfully litigated numerous cases against PG&E for catastrophic injuries and wrongful death stemming from negligence in the handling of electricity and natural gas.

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