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A pit bull owner was arrested and his dog impounded after the dog attacked a Fairfax policewoman and a resident at a Little League game. Both suffered bite wounds to their hands and wrists during the incident, however, the injuries were minor.

The Fairfax police had received a report of an intoxicated man at the ballfield. When the policewoman contacted the suspect she escorted him to the street. His dog came charging from behind a parked car and lunged towards her. The policewoman, who was a former police dog handler, was able to partially subdue the dog with pepper spray. She did not shoot the dog because of the children and bystanders nearby.

The pit bull is the same dog that was shot by Fairfax police back in 2009. A sergeant was charged by the dog while he was arresting the owner for public intoxication at a public library. Fairfax police have had repeated run-ins with the dog and its owner. They believe that the dog has been trained or conditioned to be aggressive towards law enforcement.

The Marin Humane Society placed the pit bull on a mandatory 10-day “bite” quarantine, but the shelter could keep the dog beyond that period. It’s more than likely that complaints will be filed, at which time a county hearing officer could designate it a “vicious animal”. However, based on the dog’s history, the hearing officer could find that euthanasia would be the best interest for public safety.



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