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Playgrounds include a variety of recreational equipment such as monkey bars, tire swings, jungle gyms, see-saws, swing sets, merry-go- rounds and overhead ladders. This variety of equipment holds an unlimited potential of fun and adventure for any child with just a little but if imagination. A tire swing can transform into a pirate ship, while the top of a slide becomes the top the tallest tree on an unknown island.

Modern playgrounds are an important part of a child’s development and help foster important social and motor skills. The different types of equipment found at parks has changed throughout the past century as research and technology have exposed dangers and created safer alternative materials. For example, shock absorbing rubber tiles now cover playground surfaces where sand (or tree bark) use to be.

Despite these advances, some injuries on the playgrounds are unavoidable. However, to decrease the potential for accidents, it is important that a child is always properly supervised while playing. The equipment should only be used in the proper manner. Children should take turns using equipment such as slides and monkey bars and should only go on structures that are age appropriate. Ideally a playground should be certified by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector who has been trained by the National Playground Safety Institute.

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