According to a recent article by the San Francisco Chronicle, a Fremont driver stuck a mother and her young daughter. Police said that the incident was caused by road rage. According to the article, the 43 year old mom was pushing her 18 month old child in a stroller when a Nissan Maxima hit them while making a left turn. The accident occurred around 11 in the morning. The woman also had a five year old son with her, but he was not injured in the accident.

The driver of the vehicle, a 21 year old man from Union City, stopped his car after the incident. Police suspected that he was driving recklessly and arrested him. A short time before the accident, the article reports, the man was involved in a street race motivated by road rage. According to reports, the other driver slowed down but the Union City man jumped the curb and hit the mother and her daughter. The vehicle also stuck a light pole, said a police detective.

After the accident, the mother was taken to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley and treated for serious head injuries. According to chief of the Fremont Fire Department, the woman’s daughter suffered serious head injuries as well and received treatment from Children’s Hospital Oakland. Before the driver was booked by police, he was treated for injuries at the hospital, too.

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