The AAA Foundation reports that “aggressive driving behaviors are a factor in up to 56% of fatal crashes.” Their AAA Foundation Traffic Safety Culture Index survey reported that roughly 80% of people surveyed described aggressive drivers as “serious or extremely serious” hazards to traffic safety, despite the fact that many respondents reported that they sometimes engaged in aggressive driving habits.

To avoid a dangerous collision, evaluate your driving habits and stay vigilant as drivers take to the road for summer vacation. Here are some tips from AAA:

Avoiding other reckless and aggressive drivers on the road:

  • Stay alert and aware of other drivers, looking for drivers who may pose a danger to your vehicle.
  • Stay alert and avoid distractions while you drive so you can react quickly if necessary.
  • Enter intersections cautiously.
  • Be prepared to react. Leave enough space around your vehicle in the case that you need to avoid a collision.

Don’t contribute to dangerous conditions:

  • Be aware of your surroundings, especially between dusk and dawn when pedestrians, bicyclists and other hazards are more difficult to see. Drive more cautiously when necessary
  • Don’t drive drowsy. Take a break from driving if necessary.
  • Alert the drivers around you by using your signals
  • Don’t be an aggressive driver! Evaluate your driving habits and take the aggressive driving quiz.

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