In the most recent lawsuit against Toys R Us, it stated that Toys R Us knowingly stocked a baby product that had caused serious injuries. Bumbo is a simple molded plastic seat that is more upright than a bouncy chair, and less rigid than a high chair, which made it a hit with parents. Bumbo has sold nearly 4 million units in the United States since 2003; however, in 2007 it was recalled due to the fact that U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission had received 28 reports of young children (between 3 to 10 months old) falling out of their seat. Three of the twenty-eight injuries were skull fractures in which the child fell out of their seat which had been placed on top of a table. Bumbo placed warning labeling on their product stating that theses seat should not be used on any elevated surfaces. Since the recall in 2007, Bumbo and CPSC are aware of at least 46 falls from elevated surfaces that occurred prior to 2007 recall-resulting in 14 skull fractures, two concussions and one incident of a broken limb.

Toys R Us insisted that the safety of the products is and has always been their highest priority. One of Toys R Us buyers was quoted in litigation that she had never seen an infant product like Bumbo without a safety restraint and that after learning about the severity of the injuries she did not believe it to be safe. Toys R Us removed the Bumbo Baby Sitter immediately after the recall and worked with Bumbo to update the warning labels on the packaging. After several months of being recalled Toys R Us began to offer the product once again.


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