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It is important for parents of newborns to think carefully about safety when it comes to the products in their home. There are a variety of products that can pose infant safety risks. And baby products are not exempt from this.

Some parents might assume that products marketed to be used for babies would be safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are a range of safety risks that can come up in relation to such products. It can be important for parents to be aware of these risks.

Examples of common baby products that can have safety dangers connected to them include:

  • Baby powder: Babies can face health risks if they inhale such powder
  • Baby walkers: Infants can suffer falls and similar accidents when using these walkers. Such accidents can lead to head injuries, broken bones and other serious harms. Some recommend that such walkers never be used.
  • Cribs: Defects in cribs (such as problems with mattress support hardware, slats, side rails or the paint used on cribs) could put small children at risk of serious or fatal injuries.
  • Strollers: Fall and strangulation risks are among the dangers that sometimes come up in connection to strollers.
  • Baby slings: Young babies can face suffocation risks in connection to these products. There are also certain other factors (such as baby size and health condition) that can impact how at risk of harm a child is in such slings.

What can parents do to help keep their newborns safe when it comes to baby products? Examples include:

  • Choose products that are a good fit for their child, given the child’s age and size
  • Read and heed safety warnings on the products they get for their baby
  • Follow the provided instructions when it comes to a product’s use
  • Look for safety reviews on products they are considering buying
  • Be watchful for whether any recalls have been issued for products they use

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