Shea & Shea – A Professional Law Corporation is not only proud to announce that we successfully won a verdict of $9,281,348 for a truck accident client, but that this recovery was the “Featured Verdict” in VerdictSearch California, Vol. 13, Issue 9 on May 5, 2014.


VerdictSearch is a leading provider of verdict and settlement research. The database of verdicts and settlements in various states is intended to help attorneys “try cases and negotiate settlements from a position of strength.” VerdictSearch also issues regular publications sharing cases of note and a list of recent settlements and verdicts.


On March 27, 2014, Attorneys Michael M. Shea, Jr. and Mark B. O’Connor won a $9.28 million verdict for the victim of a tractor-trailer accident. The incident occurred when one defendant was driving up an on-ramp of the eastbound I-40 and lost control over their vehicle, colliding with a tractor-trailer. The driver of the truck swerved left into the plaintiff’s lane, causing the operator of the passenger vehicle in which she was riding to swerve left and off the road. The vehicle rolled twice and landed on its wheels on the north side of the highway.

The plaintiff’s right ankle went out the passenger window during the incident and scraped on the median or pavement. Three of the plaintiff’s toes were traumatically amputated at the scene and the plaintiff was airlifted to a medical center. The plaintiff underwent five surgeries within the next three weeks, including having the remaining two toes on the injured foot amputated. The plaintiff had a sixth foot surgery in October 2013.

The plaintiff sued the driver of the other vehicle; the trucking company responsible for the truck that swerved into their lane; and the operator of the vehicle in which she was riding. Attorneys Shea, Jr. and O’Connor procured a trial verdict of $9.28 million from the trucking company. The jury found the truck driver and the trucking company 50% liable, and the driver of the other vehicle 50% liable. The breakdown of the verdict was as follows:

  • $81,348 past medical cost
  • $700,000 future medical cost
  • $1,000,000 past pain and suffering
  • $7,500,000 future pain and suffering
  • TOTAL – $9,281,348


This is just one of many successful verdicts won by the lawyers at Shea & Shea – A Professional Law Corporation. We have obtained numerous multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for clients over the years and have been in practice since 1966. We especially focus our practice on serious brain and spinal injurycases, where clients’ lives are permanent affected by their catastrophic injuries.

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