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Hundreds of people in the Netherlands and the United States have been sickened by salmonella, and the illness is being linked to some salmon that was shipped to both countries. Since the incidents erupted, the company that sold the salmon has issued a recall. The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment was able to confirm that the salmon came from a Dutch company called Foppen that provides fish to Dutch supermarkets and chains in the United States. The institute said that about 200 people have reported sickness in the Netherlands. More than 100 people have complained of similar symptoms after eating the fish in the United States.

Costco, which sells fish from Foppen, says that no consumers have reported the bacteria-infested fish to the store. Foppen estimates that the number of people who are sick from the fish may be higher, but the victims may not have known to link their illness with the fish. Since the National Institute for Public Health has set up a public information phone line regarding the recall they have received about 1,400 calls and about 350 of the callers reported that they had symptoms that were consistent with a salmonella infection.

Costco is handling the recall that has been issued here in the United States. They were notified of the situation late Monday afternoon and have already pulled the fish items from shelves and blocked the sale of Foppen fish in the stores. This means that the products won’t scan at the registers. Costco sells the fish under the brand Foppen and also offers some salmon products using Foppen fish under their own brand name, Kirkland. If you or a loved one was sickened by eating Foppen fish, contact a personal injury lawyer. If your symptoms are serious enough or you had to be hospitalized because of salmonella, then you may be able to seek compensation from Foppen or Costco as a result. Talk to a lawyer at Shea & Shea today if you need more information!

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