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People in California who have a family member that has been involved in an accident in which they experienced a traumatic brain injury will need and want to learn about these very special types of injury and the potential recovery process. Every brain injury is unique which can make it difficult to determine a clear prognosis but there are ways that people can glean some insights into the potential future lives of their loved ones.

As explained by Brainline, a person with a brain injury may end up with challenges in many areas of their life. They may experience both mental and physical disabilities that can last a lifetime. Some impairments may improve over time while others may not. Examples of potential lifelong challenges for people with brain injuries include walking, communicating, thinking, remembering details, paralysis and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationship.

The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center indicates that the speed of recovery after a traumatic brain injury is at its maximum in the six months following the injury. Improvements may be realized after that time but may happen at a slower pace. Cognitive function may be assessed on a scale of 10 levels with 10 being the best and indicating that even if a person can perform all functions, they may do so at a slower pace than they did before their injury.

On average, only one out of three people who have experienced TBIs are working two years after their injury. Some daily assistance is needed by 34 percent of people. Motor vehicle accidents are said to be responsible for 17 percent of all traumatic brain injuries according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



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