It is federal law that your business place is inspected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration on a regular basis in order to ensure that safety standards are being recognized. Recently, the OSHA has been curious to see how much of the safety recognized by an inspector is based on the way that that employee conducts the survey. Studies have shown that OSHA inspections can reduce the amount of injuries in a manufacturing establishment by about 20 percent in some circumstances. Yet this was very dependent on how thorough and strict the inspector who conducts the survey is.

By researching this, the OSHA found that there is a lot of variation between inspectors and inspection practices. As well, the environment where the inspection takes place has a direct effect on how impactful the inspection actually is. The OSHA found that inspectors that have more experience in this field of employment typically did a better job at reducing the amount of injuries. If your place of employment passed an OSHA inspection, this does not mean that injuries won’t happen. Depending on the nature of the inspector who came to your workplace, dangers may not have been addressed.

If you are placed in danger or harmed at your workplace, and the company argues that they were able to pass an OSHA inspection, you can still seek compensation in court. When it comes to on-the-job injuries, Californians have a right to medical treatment, disability payments, a secure job after your injury, and resolving a disagreement over their claims. If you are being denied these rights after clearly being injured while at the workplace, you need to get a personal injury attorney involved. Talk to someone at Shea & Shea today to get the legal representation you need to take your issue to court

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