The recent death of UCSF psychiatrist, Dr. Kevin Allen Mack, has prompted the school to start installing seatbelts on its shuttle buses. Mack died instantly when the UCSF shuttle bus he was riding ran a red light and hit a tractor-trailer truck on July 14th. Mack was pronounced dead at the scene after he was ejected from the bus after impact. Four other riders were also injured in the accident.

UCSF aims to have seatbelts installed on all shuttle buses by the end of August, in order to provide greater safety options for riders. The school is also meeting with bus drivers to review “key safe driving techniques” in order to increase safety. Seat belts are not required on these shuttle buses, but officials hope that this decision will prompt law makers and other private shuttle operators to follow UCSF’s lead and install seatbelts on their vehicles as well.

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