A team of 15 personal injury attorneys from all over the country have teamed up to spread their wealth of knowledge with people from all over the country. The head author is Anthony Castelli, a personal injury lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio with over 30 years of experience. He believes that knowledge is power and wanted to help people other than his clients by giving them some secretes that the big public insurance companies do not want people to know. The book was available for purchase on Amazon for about $20.00, but now it can be downloaded at http://www.castellilaw.com at the special download page from his personal injury attorney website. He is offering it for free as part of the distribution rights with celebrity press publishing company. There are many topics covered in this book, but some of them are:

1. How much is a personal injury case worth.

2. What factors go into valuing a case.

3. Tactics the insurance company will use to diminish the value of a claim

4. Why big insurance wants to keep you away from a lawyer if you have a serious injury and the tactics they use to do this.

5. Fatal mistakes to avoid when negotiating with an insurance company

6. What is the most important car insurance you must have

There are 15 topics total, and each one was written to be used as a tool to fight insurance companies.

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