Whether you realize it or not, there are specific steps you can take to improve your memory. Here are a few tips for keeping your brain healthy and enhancing your ability to remember:

1. Sleep and Exercise: Sleeping properly and working out regularly can improve your memory. On the other hand, skipping sleep and exercise can damage your ability to remember. Why? Physical activity encourages the flow of oxygen to your brain. This reduces the risk of certain disorders that may result in memory loss. For example, you are more likely to develop diabetes or a cardiovascular disease if you fail to work out on a regular basis. Additionally, sleep is a critical ingredient any healthy lifestyle and facilitates memory as well. According to research, sleep facilitates memory consolidation. This occurs during the deepest stages of the body’s sleep cycle.

2. Social Activities and Friends: Studies have shown a relationship between social activity, friends, fun and memory. Humans are social beings. We enjoy interacting with other people. Not only is this fun, but it facilitates brain exercise and memory, too. Additionally, laughter has been shown to improve memory because it exercises multiple regions of the brain.

3. Avoid Stress: Stress destroys brain cells. If you experience chronic stress, the hippocampus of your brain may become damaged. This region of the brain is responsible for memory recall and other functions. Without it, you may have difficulty maintaining a healthy memory.

4. Healthy Food: Eating right can improve your mood, general health, fitness and your memory. Some foods are designed to fuel your brain. A balanced diet including whole grains, healthy fats, vegetables and fruits is best. Coupled with a healthy lifestyle, these foods can improve your memory function, too. Omega-3s and fatty acids (found in fish) can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Fruits and vegetables are an important source of antioxidants. Antioxidants help your body maintain healthy brain cells.

5. Drink Red Wine: Red wine has been show to improve memory and cognition. However, alcohol must be consumed in moderation. Generally speaking, women can drink one glass of red wine every day and men can drink about two glasses of wine every day. With a healthy diet, red wine may improve memory. Nonalcoholic alternatives include peanuts, grape juice and berries.

6. Workout Your Brain: Like your body, your brain need exercise to stay healthy. Like any muscle, your brain works better when you use it regularly. The more you use your brain to recall information, the easier it becomes for your brain to remember things in general. Anything that is new, challenging and fun can be used to work out your brain. For instance, learning a musical instrument is an excellent way to improve memory and brain function. Participating in a new sport and doing crossword puzzles can help improve memory function as well.

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