Finding an accurate portrayal of concussions in the media can be difficult. Action movies and T.V. shows have a dangerous tendency to downplay the severity of this injury. Make no mistake, a concussion is a serious brain injury and securing medical treatment should be a victim’s top priority. Concussions occur as a result of the brain slamming against the inside of the skull hard enough to disrupt normal brain functions. Below, our blog outlines four things you need to know about these injuries.

  1. You don’t need to lose consciousness: One of the most common myths is that in order to sustain a concussion, you need to black out. However, the loss of consciousness is not required and believing that you’re fine because no such loss occurred can be dangerous. After any blow to the head, it is important to consider the possibility that serious damage may have occurred.
  2. Concussions can affect people differently: Every individual may experience the effects of the injury differently. The specific symptoms can depend on the severity of the injury and the parts of the brain which have been affected. Common signs of a concussion can include headaches, mood swings, nausea, and hindered sensory perception. Considering that initial symptoms may only consist of a headache and fatigue, it may be difficult to recognize the condition for what it is.
  3. Concussions can last for longer than just a few days: Just like with any injury, the brain needs time to heal. However, unlike other parts of your body, the brain does not contain pain receptors. This can lead victims into believing that they are okay when in reality, they are still in recovery. While every injury is different, concussions can take weeks to fully heal. In order to reduce the risk of further injury, it is critical to avoid strenuous activity until cleared by a doctor.
  4. The severity of injuries may not be obvious: With brain injuries, the true scope of a person’s damage is not always immediately apparent. Some symptoms may take days or even weeks to fully present themselves. This is another reason why securing medical treatment as soon as possible after an accident is critically important. Only a doctor will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and prognoses as well as recommend treatment options.


If you have been injured in an accident resulting in a catastrophic injury such as a concussion, you may be able to fight for monetary compensation. Our San Jose brain injury attorneys possess more than 100 years of collective experience and have secured millions of dollars for clients. We know what you are going through and can help you understand your legal options.

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