HGH is a human growth hormone that takes care of certain functionalities that are connected to vitality, energy, and resilience. HGH became a hot topic in sports after federal and state agents raided a building in Florida that had performance enhancing drugs. There have not been too many reports on the differences between HGH and steroids. Some say that HGH will not help an athlete beef up as much as steroids and that HGH may not have some of the horrible side affects of steroids.

The NFL managers have said that they want to conduct blood tests for the use of HGH as blood tests are the only way to test for HGH. However, the player’s union (NFLPA) does not want to agree to any testing until the safety and the reliability of the test is reviewed by the World Anti Doping Agency. Representatives of the union are concerned that current HGH testing do not take into account different body types and conditioning of football players.

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