The survivors of extensive burns, or of burn accidents involving electrocution or explosion, face many challenges on their path to recovery. Extended stays in intensive care, extreme pain compounded by constant discomfort from itching and hypersensitivity, sequential surgeries, and the prospect of scarring and disfigurement are all problems characteristic of severe burn injuries. The period of treatment and recovery can last for years, especially when the burn victims are children. Severe psychological consequences must also be addressed in most cases, especially those involving burns to the face.

Just as burn cases present special demands on the courage and endurance of the victims and their families, they can present extraordinary difficulties for lawyers as well. Even where there is little question as to the liability of one or more defendants, the victim’s insurance might not be sufficient to cover basic medical expenses, some of which can last for years. In some cases, the plaintiff is too quick to accept what appears to be a generous early settlement offer, only to later discover that the amount accepted is insufficient to address the full range of treatment and rehabilitative needs in the years to come.

A Complex Legal Process

A successful burn injury lawsuit has three elements. First, you have to demonstrate that an entity (such as your employer) owed “duty of care” – or was responsible for your well-being in some way. Secondly, you must prove that the negligent party breached this duty. Finally, you need to show that their negligence is directly responsible for your injury.

The legal process for proving a burn injury case might seem complicated, but in reality, burn injuries can happen anywhere. If your employer fails to provide protective welding gear, for example, your employer is responsible for any injury you suffer on the job. If you were in a severe car accident and suffered burns, the other driver or vehicle manufacturer could be at fault.

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  • Other overlooked elements of your total damages

We commit the resources necessary to make an accurate evaluation of your case and to identify your current and continuing needs as comprehensively as possible. Our
catastrophic injury attorneys represent burn injury victims in cases involving truck accidents, electrocution, construction site mishaps, unsafe consumer products, helicopter or plane crashes, and dangerous property conditions.

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