The worst motorcycle accident injuries can involve head injuries, brain damage, extensive or disabling injuries to the spinal cord, and amputation of a limb. Conventional motor vehicle accident investigation and settlement techniques are often insufficient to recover damages to meet the victim’s financial burdens. Expenses include those related to the victim’s present and future treatment, and rehabilitation needs secondary to the San Jose motorcycle accident cases. In cases of permanent disability, the costs of treatment, home or institutional care, and adaptive technology can easily run into the millions. Few private auto insurance companies will come anywhere close to covering the medical bills of the severely injured survivor of a motorcycle accident over a lifetime. If you or your loved one have been injured in the San Jose, California area, call our firm at (408) 292-2434 today.

At Shea & Shea – A Professional Law Corporation, our motorcycle accident lawyers focus on investigation and litigation of the worst personal injury cases, including accidents involving motor vehicles and pedestrian-related accidents. In motorcycle accidents, our work will often lead us to consider a lawsuit against the manufacturer of a badly designed helmet, the government agency responsible for poorly banked highway curves, or the commercial vehicle driver whose negligence forced another driver to hit you. It sounds complicated, but rest assured that our team of motorcycle accident attorneys in San Jose CA has years of experience under their belt.


Even the safest drivers get into motorcycle accidents, oftentimes through no fault of theirs. While our law firm is intent on helping motorcycle accident victims, we prefer that you wouldn’t get into one and need our legal representation.

From our experience, these are some factors that increase the risk of motorcycle accidents.

  • Driving Under the Influence

This can be a problem not only for motorcycle riders but even for other drivers on the road. No matter how safe you are, if you encounter a drunk driver on the road, your life is also in danger. Too many motorcycle accident claims have been the result of drunk drivers; it’s about time we stop this from happening.

  • Car Accident

Cars are still the biggest threat to motorcycle drivers, with car accidents making up more than half of motorcycle-related deaths. Most of these motorcycle crashes also involved head-on collisions.

  • Overspeeding

Any overspeeding motorcycle driver is digging his own grave, with an accident injury just around the corner. Even the most experienced motorcycle drivers know that following the law is a must, and too much speed kills.

  • Weekends

Statistics of San Jose show that the roads are actually more dangerous on weekends, for both motor vehicles and motorcycles. Whether it’s the thrill of the weekend or number of cars on the road, make sure to drive extra carefully during these days.

  • Left-turn Accidents

In accidents involving a motorcycle and another motor vehicle, many fatalities occurred when the other vehicle was turning left. This motorcycle crash could be due to distance misjudgments, blind spots, or even right-of-way errors, so be extra vigilant in these roads.

  • Dangerous Road Conditions

Annual statistics of San Jose motorcycle accidents still show drivers colliding with fixed objects such as telephone poles, trees, guard rails, etc. Although it might seem like a lost cause, our team of motorcycle accident lawyers has had a great deal of experience with these accident cases. Scattered debris, unmarked potholes, and crumbling pavement can all be a risk for accidents. These may be counted as dangerous road conditions and can be subject to motorcycle crash claims.

  • Car Doors

Surprisingly, open car doors also cause a significant number of motorcycle accidents. This occurs when parked drivers open their car doors onto the path of a moving motorcycle.

  • Motorcycle Defects

One way to avoid motorcycle accidents is to check your own vehicle before heading out. From a more legal point of view, manufacturers of poorly constructed motorcycle parts that are not at par with current guidelines can be held liable for your personal injury. While it might seem like a long shot, our legal team of motorcycle accident lawyers has actually brought a number of these wrongdoers to court.

  • Inexperienced Drivers

One thing that drivers have to keep in mind is that just because you can drive a car, doesn’t mean you can drive a motorcycle, and vice versa. Those two couldn’t be more different, and there are licenses for that. Before you hit the road, keep in mind that a lack of experience can kill either you or other innocent motorists and pedestrians.

  • Intersections

As with any other vehicle, intersections are the most common site of motorcycle accidents. Intersections are also home to the busiest streets, fastest cars, and angriest drivers. Ride carefully.

At the end of the day, poor driver behavior can kill you and those around you. Overspeeding, mobile phone-using vehicle drivers put motorcycle riders at a greater risk for accidents. However, it is also worth noting that many motorcycle accidents involve only motorcyclists. If you don’t follow the rules of the road either, then you’re just as bad.


With injuries to the chest, head, spinal cord injuries, and brain injury causing the most fatalities, it’s no wonder helmet use is very much advocated. Helmet use was found to be the single most critical factor in preventing accidents and personal injuries. Claims that helmet use affects hearing of critical traffic sounds, limits visual field or causes inattention are all a myth.

Voluntary helmet use was also found to be lowest in younger, uneducated, and untrained drivers during quick trips and hot days. No matter how close your destination is, always keep protected with a helmet.

The hard outer shell of the helmet cushions and redistributes the force of impact, thereby protecting the skull. Just as subpar motorcycle parts increase the risk of injury, so does improperly designed helmets. There are federal safety standards in place to determine the amount of force a helmet should be able to handle, and the amount of peripheral vision allowable.


Aside from being aware of the factors that increase motorcycle injuries or wrongful death it’s important to stay proactive.

Protect yourself (and those around you) by following a few safety tips:

  • Wear a Helmet. We’ve already outlined the importance of helmet use. Whatever the law is in your place, always wear a helmet when riding your motorcycle, no matter how short the trip or empty the roads. While it might take some getting used to, remember that this is your only protection when out in the road.
  • Get Your Motorcycle Serviced Regularly. Part of being a responsible owner is keeping your motorcycle fine-tuned. Make sure your motorcycle is in good working order before heading out.
  • Improve Your Skills. Even the most experienced drivers have some room for improvement. Take classes, ask a friend, or practice out on the road.
  • Increase Visibility. Admittedly, some accidents occur because the driver cannot see an incoming motorcycle. Make sure your lights are on once evening strikes, wear a reflector, or attach one on your motorcycle.


Our Firm Will Look At Your Accident in San Jose CA From Every Angle

We investigate and pursue every severe injury or wrongful death case with a jury trial in mind. That means we carefully document every fact and circumstance that bears on the liability of one or more defendants and that supports your claim for damages.

When multimillion-dollar damages demands are at stake, our team of auto accident lawyers commit substantial resources at our own risk to ensure that we can prove every essential aspect of your claim in court. Our attention to detail and reputation for outstanding litigation results can make a critical difference in bringing the defendants to the negotiating table for productive settlement discussions.


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