Catastrophic injuries such as automobile accidents, animal attacks, misuse of equipment, or a product malfunction can, unfortunately, lead to the loss of limbs (amputation).

Having a limb amputated is a traumatic experience for anyone to undergo. Amputation leaves victims permanently disabled, unable to complete work or participate in hobbies, and experiencing painful symptoms such as phantom limb syndrome (a condition that causes amputees to feel pain or sensations in their missing limb).

If you have recently been victimized by a catastrophic accident which resulted in limb amputation, continue reading to learn about your legal options or get in touch with Shea & Shea to schedule a consultation with a team of amputation lawyers.

Amputation Injury Lawyer San Jose

What Is an Amputation Attorney?

An amputation injury lawyer specializes in catastrophic injury law and helping victims who have undergone limb amputation get a satisfactory settlement for their injury.

Amputation and catastrophic injury fall into a specific category of law and require legal professionals that understand all the complexities and roadblocks involved in such cases.

How Can an Amputation Injury Lawyer Help

An amputation injury lawyer can advocate for you and help ensure that you get all of the compensation needed to recover following a catastrophic amputation injury.

Benefits of partnering with a seasoned amputation injury attorney include:

  • All aspects of your injury are taken into account in the settlement number.
  • The entire legal process is less stressful when you know that a qualified professional is taking care of it.
  • You get the chance to focus on what’s important (recovery and healing from mental trauma) while your lawyer fights for you.
  • You are more likely to reach a satisfactory settlement sooner with an amputation injury attorney than you would on your own.

Types of Amputation Claims

Amputees can claim a number of different types of damages. And while each case is highly individual, here are 10 typical things that an amputee may pursue compensation for.

  1. Lost income (both present and future).
  2. Lost earning capacity due to disability.
  3. Medical costs.
  4. Physical or occupational therapy.
  5. Prosthetic limb costs.
  6. Pain and suffering.
  7. Punitive damages (if their injury was willfully caused).
  8. Care and living assistance.
  9. Moving costs (if the victim is forced to move to accommodate their new living situation).
  10. In some cases, a family member of the victim may sue for damages if they can no longer depend on the victim to meet certain needs (i.e. driving children to school, performing household duties, etc.).

Contact an Amputation Injury Attorney Today

Our team of legal professionals would be happy to discuss your options and help you decide on a just settlement number to take care of your medical expenses and compensate you for the intense suffering you’ve had to endure.

If you are ready to recruit the best amputation injury lawyers to work with you through this difficult time, get in touch with Shea & Shea today. Initial consultations at Shea & Shea are free of charge in order to help you know if our firm is the right fit for your legal needs, so get in touch to schedule yours.


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