Birth injuries are avoidable, yet they happen all too often. Inattentive or negligent medical staff are often found to be at fault for these occurrences. When medical staff fails to practice the correct procedures, the possibility of very serious complications can arise. Sadly, trauma at birth can leave a child vulnerable to any number of complications, especially serious injuries that can have long-lasting effects such permanent or partial disability. Families are also put under a great deal of unnecessary emotional distress and financial strain due to these injuries.At Shea & Shea – A Professional Law Corporation, our attorneys can provide legal support for you, your family and your child through this difficult time. Our experienced legal team can help you cover the unexpected costs of your child’s medical care as we work toward maximum compensation for you and your family. We also seek out every possible avenue for compensation so that all insurance policies will be pursued for this injury. No matter what your situation may be, we can provide legal guidance and emotional support through this difficult time. To arrange for your free case evaluation, contact our San Jose office today at (408) 292-2434.

Recognizing The Signs Of Birth Injuries

When it comes to birth injuries, our firm understands the worries you may be facing. We want you to know that when you hire us, you can rest assured that you have a team on your side that will stand up for you and work relentlessly to secure a proper settlement.

We represent parents with claims for birth injuries, which may include any of the following:

  • Brain damage
  • Brachial plexus injury
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Fetal distress caused by improper vacuum extraction
  • Head injuries resulting from negligent usage of forceps
  • Failure to recommend a C-section
  • Complications from hospital-acquired infections

Our lawyers not only help you pursue the compensation you need for the best possible care, but we can also serve as a resource to assist with the treatment, tests, and therapies required at all stages of infancy and childhood. Our San Jose office serves victims throughout central and Northern California, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for immediate legal help.

Call Us Today To Schedule A Free Case Evaluation

We have a certified trial specialist on our team who has helped us win million-dollar verdicts time and time again. A legal team with this amount of commitment is exactly what you need during this challenging time. Other firms may pass off their clients as just another case file, but you should know that we consult with you on a personal level.

When hiring your attorney, you should ask direct questions about their experience with your situation and ensure whether the attorney has what it takes to best represent your case. Our team of experienced attorneys can help you resolve any problems you encounter with your health insurer, and we can advocate to make sure you get proper coverage for your child. For more information, please visit our contact page to send us an email. You can also call our firm at (408) 292-2434.

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