If you’ve recently been victimized by a personal injury, it’s important to seek out professional help — not only when it comes to your physical wellbeing, but also where your legal well-being is concerned.

Neglecting to find a personal injury attorney can lead to financial distress, prolonged physical suffering, a low insurance company payout, and intense stress and anxiety. 

Don’t let a personal injury take over your life, take control of the situation by hiring a personal injury lawyer to stand by you through the legal journey ahead.

Here at Shea & Shea, our practice areas include  (but are not limited to): 

Personal Injury Attorney San Diego

Here at Shea & Shea, our San Diego-based personal injury attorneys have made it their mission to bring hope and justice to accident victims. 

Our qualified team of legal experts is experienced in many facets of personal injury law. We have the experience and education needed to successfully represent you in your personal injury case. 

To bolster your case, our personal injury law firm collaborates with San Diego medical professionals, vocational therapists, neurologists, and physical therapists. We consider every line of evidence in order to build a compelling case for our clients. 

We use our legal expertise to help you receive justice and financial compensation for your personal injury or the injury of a loved one. Without the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer in San Diego, you may find yourself suffering the effects of your personal injury for years to come. 

Get the help and legal representation you deserve by hiring a reliable San Diego personal injury lawyer today.

Personal Injury Claims That Our San Diego Attorneys Handle

Here at Shea & Shea, we’ve worked with victims suffering from a wide range of personal injuries. Some of our legal experience has been working with claims in the following practice areas: 

Our San Diego CA personal injury law firm has successfully resolved hundreds of personal injury cases, representing victims from all backgrounds and facets of life. 

Our experience in the courtroom representing personal injury victims extends far beyond these scenarios as well. If you have suffered a personal injury due to an accident that hasn’t been listed here, please contact Shea & Shea so that we can help you get the compensation you need to recover lost wages and loss of future earnings. 

Shea & Shea’s San Diego personal injury lawyers are capable of handling any personal injury case and would like to be the ones to represent you in your upcoming legal journey. Don’t allow what happened to you become a part of your life, fight back against injustice, and pursue compensation and financial stability for your injury.

What To Do If You Have Suffered a Personal Injury in San Diego

Here are the first four things you should do if you have suffered a personal injury in San Diego:
  1. Seek medical attention. A rush of adrenaline can cause you to not fully grasp the seriousness of your injuries. You may feel just fine or even numb to the pain at the moment. But this does not mean that you are physically alright. Seek out medical care and documentation for your personal injury immediately following your accident. 
  2. Take photos and notes at the scene of the accident. These can be used as evidence later. Was the complete lack of signage responsible for causing your injury? Take photos of the accident scene and surrounding area to ensure that you have evidence to show your personal injury lawyer.
  3. Get in touch with a San Diego personal injury lawyer. Before speaking with anyone about the accident, you must first speak with an injury attorney. Finding a reliable attorney early on ensures that you protect yourself and that you have a greater chance of reaching a satisfactory settlement.
  4. Take time off. Recovering from a personal injury doesn’t happen overnight. Take time off from work, school, or other daily duties that require physical exertion and let your body recover.

Finding a San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

Finding reliable attorneys in San Diego can be a daunting task. Here are three tips for finding the best San Diego personal injury attorneys: 

  1. Ask friends and family if they have experience working with a specific attorney. 
  2. Research a personal injury law firm in San Diego. If you don’t know anyone who’s worked with an attorney, do a quick google search and look for personal injury lawyers that have good online reviews.
  3. Schedule an initial consultation. The next step is to schedule an initial consultation to see if a specific San Diego personal injury attorney is the right fit for you. Ask lots of questions during your initial consultation just to solidify that this is the attorney that you’d like to work with.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Claims

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we hear about personal injury attorneys:

  1. How long will it take to reach a settlement? The specific length it takes to reach a settlement will depend on your case. Where there is more evidence, the duration tends to be shorter and victims reach a settlement agreement sooner.
  2. Will my claim go to court? You will very likely reach a settlement agreement before your claim would go to court.
  3. How much will a personal injury attorney cost? This depends on which San Diego personal injury lawyers you use. Legal fees are something that you should discuss with your attorney during your initial consultation.

Contact a San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer Today

If you are looking for an experienced attorney in San Diego, give Shea & Shea a call. Our personal injury attorneys have worked with victims who suffered from a wide range of accidents.

We want to use our expertise to help you recover following a traumatic personal injury. One of the best ways to protect yourself, your future, and your health is by working with a San Diego personal injury attorney. 

Give Shea & Shea a call today to schedule a free consultation with a qualified San Diego personal injury lawyer. 

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