We all become victims of injury at some point in our lives. Situations that we didn’t factor for suddenly become an awful reality, leaving victims to face the ramifications alone. 

As the victim of a personal injury, your life can be turned upside down. In an instant, you may be rendered unable to return to the workplace or even complete everyday tasks without help.

If you have suffered a personal injury in San Francisco and you are looking for legal help in California from a personal injury lawyer, this article offers practical tips for what you should do and who to call following an accident.

What to do if You Have Suffered a Personal Injury in San Francisco

Do you call your family? The doctor? The police? A personal injury attorney? Who should you speak to first?

If you have suffered a personal injury that places you in an unstable medical condition, seek urgent care immediately. Nothing is worth the sacrifice of your health.

If your condition doesn’t require immediate attention and you have simply been in an accident, you may file a report with law enforcement about the situation before seeking your doctor. Take care that you don’t use language with the responding officer that sounds like you are admitting to fault as this could damage your future legal case.

After the initial conversation with the responding officer, make an appointment to get a medical examination with your doctor. When it comes to personal injury cases, the person responsible for causing the injury may attempt to suggest that you are faking your injuries for financial gain. Immediate medical reports put accusations like these to rest and aid the victim’s personal injury case.

Common San Francisco Personal Injuries

While there are countless personal injuries that someone may suffer from due to an accident, here are some of the most common personal injuries that occur in San Francisco.

Car Collision Personal Injuries

By far the most common accident resulting in personal injuries, car collision injuries have a wide range of severity and effects. If you have been involved in a serious accident, seek medical attention immediately. 

Common injuries resulting from car accidents are whiplash and chronic back pain. Don’t let either of these debilitating injuries become part of your life. These injuries are often chronic and require expensive medical care and therapy to reach full recovery.

If someone’s reckless or drunk driving resulted in your personal injury, contact a San Francisco personal injury attorney to pursue just compensation.

Wrongful Death

This involves people who are next of kin pursuing damages from the party responsible for causing the death of a loved one. The family may pursue punitive damages to cover expenses such as burial costs, loss of future income from the decedent, or medical expenses that the deceased had before passing.  

Life-Altering Injuries 

Personal injuries are often life-altering. The victim may be unable to return to work due to chronic pain or even a loss of certain limbs. Other life-altering injuries are those like a TBI (which we will discuss more below). 

If you have suffered a life-altering personal injury in the San Francisco area, contact Shea & Shea to speak with a personal injury attorney and discover your legal options.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

One of the most life-altering personal injuries, TBIs often place victims permanently out of the workforce and can result in memory loss, cognitive changes, and can be severe enough to render the victim in need of a permanent caregiver.

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, it’s essential to take legal action against the party responsible for causing your personal injury. Contact Shea & Shea in San Francisco to speak with a personal injury attorney about taking legal steps towards justice.

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are severe, excruciating, and require extensive recovery periods. A victim might suffer burns due to a car accident, house fire, chemical fire, or restaurant equipment malfunction. The results of burn injuries are devastating and usually require extensive therapy, urgent care, and expensive skin grafting services.

San Francisco personal injury attorneys take burn cases very seriously. We know the debilitating effects that burn accidents have and make it our mission to not let victims have their cases or livelihoods thrown away. If you have suffered a personal injury due to a burn accident, contact Shea & Shea in San Francisco to speak with a skilled attorney.

Animal Attacks

Most people in the San Francisco area are fond of their pets, and as a result, the average person encounters other people’s pets every single day. This is all well and good until someone’s “harmless” dog takes a lunge at you and you wind up in urgent care having your wound stitched.

Animal attacks including dog bites are considered personal injuries and are grounds for a personal injury claim.

Medical Malpractice

There are numerous cases of medical malpractice every single year. The results are often permanent and painful. 

Examples of medical malpractice are being prescribed the wrong drugs, having an operation on the wrong part of the body, improper or failed diagnosis, having an unlicensed procedure performed.

Protect your future health and financial stability by getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer in San Francisco and holding medical practitioners accountable.

Tourist Personal Injuries

San Francisco is a gorgeous part of California and is a popular destination for many tourists every year. Tourism personal injuries might involve being struck by a taxi or other vehicle, ferry or cruise accidents, tour agency-related accidents due to misinformation and the like.

Schedule a Consultation With a San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney 

Here at Shea & Shea law firm in San Francisco, we have a deep knowledge of the legalities surrounding personal injury cases. We have helped San Francisco residents and tourists fight against injustices and the financial burdens placed on them due to personal injuries. 

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