The worst motorcycle accident injuries can involve brain damage, extensive or disabling injuries to the spinal cord and amputation of a limb. Conventional motor vehicle accident investigation and settlement techniques are often inadequate to recover damages sufficient to meet the financial burdens related to the victim’s present and future treatment and rehabilitation needs. In cases of permanent disability, the costs of treatment, home or institutional care and adaptive technology can easily run into the millions. Few private auto insurance policies will come anywhere close to covering the expenses of supporting the severely injured survivor of a motorcycle collision over a lifetime.If you have been injured in the San Francisco, California area, call our firm at (408) 292-2434 today.At Shea & Shea – A Professional Law Corporation, our lawyers focus on investigation and litigation of the worst personal injury cases, including accidents involving motor vehicles and pedestrian-related accidents. In motorcycle accidents, our work will often lead us to consider a lawsuit against the manufacturer of a badly designed helmet, the government agency responsible for poorly banked highway curves or the commercial vehicle driver whose negligence forced another driver to hit you.

Our Firm Will Look At Your Accident From Every Angle

We investigate and pursue every severe injury or wrongful death case with a jury trial in mind. That means we carefully document every fact and circumstance that bears on the liability of one or more defendants and that supports your claim for damages.

When multimillion-dollar damages demands are at stake, our team of auto accident lawyers commit substantial resources at our own risk to ensure that we can prove every essential aspect of your claim in court. Our attention to detail and reputation for outstanding litigation results can make the critical difference in bringing the defendants to the negotiating table for productive settlement discussions.

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Injuries from a motorcycle collision can be a significant financial burden. Our seasoned attorneys can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. To arrange for a meeting with one of our attorneys, please call our San Jose office at (408) 292-2434 today. You can also reach Shea & Shea – A Professional Law Corporation via email.

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